Become a Partner with us….

We are working with local schools, parish councils, local charities and good causes, and local businesses in the Milton Keynes and surrounding areas. We are keen to be of assistance to you and by talking to us and creating a partnership; it helps us to help you. These are the kind of benefits we hope to offer you:


A number of local schools in Milton Keynes have become interested in giving the opportunity to their students by joining The Civil Cadet Corps. The skills and activities build upon the academic work done at school and give so many unique opportunities to their students. If you would like to discuss a partnership, please contact us.


Parish Councils

As we develop and build new partnerships across Milton Keynes, we hope that each Parish Council will work with us to support the members of their communities.  We will be a multi-skilled organisation that can help in many ways, but it is not our intention to replace other organisations such as Social Services or other socially derived charities helping in specific ways. 

We will be able to support Parishes in larger projects, such as carnivals, festivals and other events where marshalling and first aid support, etc., is needed.  If there’s a large area of waste land to clear, then we are sure there is something we can do to help.  We are still only small, but we are available to help in situations such as missing persons (elderly resident or child).  Once we are fully established, we will have a duty team that can be mobilised to support of the Police in their search.

We will always do our best to help; so if your Council needs any assistance with anything, or one of your residents, please contact us, but remember we are new and just building our organisation.

Charities & Good Causes

Relationships with other Charities and Good Causes are important to us.  It would be good to share skills and help each other for the benefit of each organisation and mutually for our communities.  It does not matter what your background is, but what could be our common ground is our commitment to our young people and our communities. If you would like to discuss a partnership, please contact us.

Sponsoring Partnerships

We are a Charity and run on a not for profit basis and so we are always in need of funds to support our activities, in turn supporting our communities.  We are always looking to forge relationships with individuals and businesses who would like to sponsor us.  The funds could be item or cause specific, such as supporting young people from deprived backgrounds, or into our general funds to benefit the Corps as a whole, and can be financial or equipment based. If you would like to discuss this in more detail, please contact us.



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