Our Values

The Joint Civil Aid Corps will set high standards for every member of the joint corps – the Civil Aid Volunteer Corps and the Civil Cadet Corp. These values will guide every member’s actions and decisions. They will be a vital part of life within each of the Corps’ units and guide volunteers through their training, cadets as they complete their studies, as well as instructors as they seek to guide and support our members through their development.

The following will be encouraged at all times:

Respect for others: Treat others like you would wish them to treat you.
Flexible: Be flexible and open in your approach.
Loyalty: Do not let yourself, your friends, your instructors or your unit down.
Integrity: Be honest with yourself and with others. Earn others respect.
Selfless commitment: Put your team, colleagues, or the goal, before yourself.
Discipline: Do as you are asked and behave appropriately. Set the right example.
Courage: Do the right thing, not the easy thing.

Our ethos is to be innovative, flexible and forward looking. The officers, instructors, volunteers and cadets are expected to think for themselves and to be immediate and courageous in rising to any challenge. This is encapsulated in the ideal of the thinking, well rounded individual who aspires to serve at the forefront of the Corp’s thoughts, actions and development.

Our officers, instructors, volunteers and cadets should be:

Immediate and independent of thought and action.
Bold - Showing an ability to take risks; be confident and courageous.
Self-Reliant, self-disciplined and self-inspiring – upholding our Sense of Honour.
Flexible and understanding.
Skilled from lessons learnt and experience gained Part of the team and family – we look after each other during and after our service.
Professionally (for adults), Scholastically and Technologically forward thinking.
Honest, fair, and compassionate.


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