Your Opportunities

The volunteer opportunities open to adults are:

Volunteer in the Civil Aid Volunteer Corps (CAVC) – this is our primary membership from which individuals can earn recognition and promotion and open to all.

Officer in the Civil Aid Volunteer Corps – being responsible for units of adult volunteers; these roles are particularly strong in leadership and team building.  Development and encouragement are at the forefront of the Corps’ purpose and the development of volunteers is as paramount as the progression of the cadets.  Organisational skills are equally prominent for this role.

Instructor in the Civil Aid Volunteer Corps and/or Civil Cadet Corps – these are roles suited to individuals who do have experience in either the emergency services or military, who can bring experience to the Corps and be role models to volunteers and cadets.

Officer in the Civil Cadet Corps – these will be individuals who want to make a real difference to young people in their community through helping them to develop their skills and build their confidence, to encourage them to think for themselves and to inspire them to succeed.  You will need to be an organised individual who can lead and be understanding.

Member of the Community Resilience Volunteers (CRVs) – as Foundation Members, CRVs will not have the same weekly training commitment as Operational Members.  However, they are a key part of the JCAC structure, and will work and co-ordinate with their relevant Operational Team during training, exercises, and any other activity they volunteer to participate.
Coordinator of a Community Resilience Volunteer Hub – A CRV Coordinator is an Officer of the JCAC responsible for developing a unit of CRVs within their local area.  As well as managing their volunteers, they are responsible for collating all relevant information from their team and for ensuring information is shared throughout their community.

For Cadets: do you want to experience new exciting things?

Cadets – do you want to experience new exciting things and have fun while doing it? If your answer is yes, then come and be a part of the CCC. Our cadet corps is for young people aged 11 to 18. You will be able to help us shape how things are done, gain experience, recognition for your actions. Come and be a part of something that everyone, regardless of background, can thrive and be proud of.



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