About Us

The Joint Civil Aid Corps is the organisational body responsible for the management and development of both the Civil Aid Volunteer Corps and the Civil Cadet Corps. Our purpose is to provide a credible civilian volunteer organisation to offer support to our communities in which we will be located and the professional emergency services in times of need and disaster.

Opportunities, experience & new skills for all ages.

Our aim is to provide not just young people opportunities to develop and gain experience, but also adults within our communities. Our wide range of roles will enable both young and mature to gain new skills and experience that will help them throughout life and will provide confident and disciplined help to our communities when required.

Training in search & rescue techniques and other ancillary roles.

In our opinion, we have the best emergency services in the world to match our military forces, but budgetary cutbacks see their numbers restricted to suit financial constraints. Our aim is to train in search and rescue techniques, with all manner of other ancillary roles, so that as a Corps we can provide a disciplined body of trained and willing volunteers to take on tasks that will enable our professional emergency services to deal with incidents requiring their level of expertise.



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